In today’s article, we show you how to register on the C4 Yourself website to receive state benefits in California. C4 Yourself (www.C4Yourself.com) is the online application system that allows California residents in certain counties to apply for benefits. The C4Yourself website currently serves residents of all major California countries.


To apply for benefits through the C4 Yourself website, you must reside in one of the counties that C4 Yourself Food Stamps has approved. Los Angeles County residents must access the Your Benefits Now website for benefits management and online application submission.

Residents who live in a C4Yourself-approved county can use the C4Yourself website to apply for benefits, check their benefit status, open saved claims, view their documents, check messages and view their current EBT balance. The C4Yourself website works with the following government benefit programs.

Get Help

Create A C4Yourself User Account.

  • On the C4Yourself homepage, click the Create an account link text for www.c4yourself.com.
  • On the C4Yourself login page, click the link text Register a new account here.
  • The County drop-down menu still displays a list of all California counties.
  • If you select a municipality other than C-IV, an error message will appear at the top of the page. What caused the error? You selected the correct municipality, but it is not a C-IV municipality?
  • Those living in counties other than C-IV should click the link below. I will go to my county’s application website.
  • The California benefits page was displayed. Did you select the wrong state?
  • To correct the error: a. Select the correct state. Re-enter your password twice. Click in. my app

C4yourself Login Guide For The Portal


Once your account is created, you can return it at any time, 24/7. All text in the Apply for benefits or My C4Yourself Login links on the C4Yourself homepage at www.c4yourself.com takes you to the login page.

  • Enter your username
  • Type your password
  • Click Next.
  • The My Apps page is displayed.

C4Yourself.com Reset Credentials

Username Recovery

If you have forgotten your C4Yourself account username or password, you must retrieve this information before you can access your account. For instructions on how to recover your C4Yourself username, read below.

To retrieve your username, you must first visit the C4Yourself.com login page. Once on the login page, find the Existing User section located on the right side of the login page. Below the checkboxes of the login portal username and password fields, you will see a link that says, “Forgot your username?”. ” Continue clicking the Forgot username?

Forgot your username after clicking the link; you will be redirected to a new page where you will be asked to enter your email address (see image below). Continue typing your email address in the field and click the Next button. Be sure to enter the email address associated with your C4Yourself Login account.

If you entered the correct email address, you should see a new page confirming that an email has been sent to you with your username information. Be sure to check your email for this information.

After retrieving your username, you can continue logging into your account as normal. If you can’t remember your C4Yourself password and need help resetting it, keep reading below.


Password Reset

To reset your password, first, visit the C4Yourself  login page. Once on the login page, find the Existing User section located on the right side of the login page. Below the checkboxes for the login portal login and password fields, you will see a link that says, “Forgot your password?”. Continue clicking the Forgot your password?

After clicking the Forgot password? Link, you will be redirected to a new page where you will be asked to enter your username (see image below). Proceed by typing your username in the field and click the Next button.

After entering your username, you will be asked a security question. This will be one of the secret questions you registered when creating your C4Yourself account. The security issue is very important because it verifies the user’s identity and prevents anyone from accessing their account. Make sure you answer this information correctly. Once you’ve done that, you can follow the steps and create a new password. Once you have your new password, log into your C4Yourself account as usual.

Things You Can Do With www.c4yourself.com

C4Yourself.com allows you to manage your file electronically. The online options are divided into five sections.

My Messages

  • View your colleague’s messages
  • Show the current calendar month

My Applications

  • Start a new application
  • Send missing information
  • Full Recertification/Redetermination
  • See past applications

My Benefits

Check out:

  • Worker information
  • Performance level for everyone
  • Software
  • Expiration month of recertification/redetermination
  • SAR 7 expiration date
  • Access a link to the State of California
  • EBT website

Tips for Using C4Yourself

You can navigate the C4Yourself login online application by clicking on certain page parts with your mouse. These are some suggestions for how to do it.

  • You can view C4Yourself in English or Spanish.
  • How to navigate C4Yourself Medical
  • Learn where you are in the application process.
  • Enter information and submit it to a county welfare agency.

What assistance can I obtain through C4Yourself Medical Portal?

For more information about each program, click on the program link text on the C4Yourself homepage. In addition to these three main types of support programs using the C4Yourself electronic application system, the Disaster CalFresh program may also be available.

Disaster CalFresh

When a disaster is reported in a C-IV district, Disaster CalFreshis will be available through the C4Yourself online app. It is designed to meet the disaster relief needs of disaster victims within 30 days of a natural disaster, such as a flood, fire, earthquake, or any other natural catastrophe. D-CalFresh offers benefits for one month in electronic format.

The link to order D-CalFresh will only be activated if all of the following conditions are met:

  • In the affected area, the presidential declaration on individual assistance was issued.
  • Commercial food distribution channels were interrupted, and these commercial channels were re-established.
  • The State of California has received approval to implement a D-CalFresh program. If the D-CalFresh program is active in your county by the federal government and the state of California, a new text link will appear on the C4Yourself Medical homepage.
Official NameC4Yourself
Language SupportedMultiple
Mobile AppAvailable

What Are My Eligibility Requirements?

Am I eligible? The page will help you know if you are eligible based on the minimum information. Am I currently eligible? It is only used for food and nutrition programs.


  • On the C4Yourself homepage, click on the Food and Nutrition link text.
  • Click Am I eligible? Link text.
  • Enter the required information and click

The answer may be an estimate of what you may receive, or without further details, we may not be able to determine if you are eligible. In any case, we recommend that you continue with the application process.

Why C4Yourself?

C4Yourself is designed as a self-service service

  • C4Yourself.com is available on the Internet.
  • The website is available in Spanish.
  • The Transition Assistance Department (TAD) receives more than 1,800

Requests each week from people who help fill out an application


  • Candidate’s unfinished application is automatically saved

Complete the application.

  • Requests are sent to the TAD’s C-IV system and monitored in real-time


  • A TAD representative will call candidates during business hours

Perform the following steps for your application. when there is no phone

provided, the information is sent by post to the indicated address.

  • The C4Yourself site is a secure site.

C4Yourself Mobile App


The C4Yourself app provides users with C4Yourself 3.1.7 apk file for Windows (10,8,7, XP), PC, Laptop, Bluestacks, Android Emulator, and even Mac, BlackBerry, Kindle, and Android. C4Yourself is a free business application developed by the California Statewide C-IV Automated Welfare System.

C4Yourself 3.1.7 is the latest and updated version of the C4Yourself app. It’s easy to download and install. On this page, you can find C4Yourself app details and permissions, and click the Download Apk button to download C4Yourself app directly.

With this app, you can:

  • Allows applications to open network sockets.
  • Allows an app to write to external storage.
  • Allows applications to access network information.
  • Allows PowerManager WakeLocks to prevent the processor from going to sleep or the screen from going dark.
  • This method can access the vibrator as well.
  • Allows an app to access your approximate location.

Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions

What Things can you do through C4yourself Login?

  • Perform an annual recertification/redetermination to update your application or add the missing information
  • See past requests you’ve handled
  • manage your profile
  • Submit your changes electronically
  • View your colleague’s messages
  • Register your C4Yourself account with your case so you can see your case information
  • CalWORKs (cash grant)
  • CalFresh (grocery brands) and doctor
  • (Personal interview may be required)

Why should I create a user account?

A user account is required to perform the following operations:

  • Start an online application
  • Save the entered information
  • Reopen a saved app that you started but didn’t close
  • Send the order electronically to your municipality
  • Consult your county case manager for any messages they have left for you.
  • Publish a list of things to do to complete the application process, such as B. Sending Confirmations
  • Link your active file even if you have not signed up electronically via C4Yourself

Check your current benefits.

What is the use of the C4Yourself login website for residents that live in an approved C4Yourself county?

Currently, the C4Yourself website offers the following features:

  • Open a saved benefit request
  • Check the status of a request
  • Check the status of your benefits
  • View your documents
  • Check your EBT card balance


The C4Yourself website is secure. For customers already registered or already having a C4Yourself account. Customers can view remaining cash or CalFresh benefits on their EBT card. C4yourself is an online app funded in partnership with Project C-IV, USDA Food Nutrition Services Grants, and County Medical Services Program Grant.

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